The Parkway Crew | Repair
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The broad range of work we do is all in one place – your one stop automotive shop. It adds up to getting what you need where it will make the most of your dollar.




Service AdvisorWe’ll Give It To You Straight Every Time. As our customer, you deserve to be able to trust what we say and what we do with confidence. We will always explain exactly what repairs are required and why, before we proceed with any work. When the job is done, we explain the invoice thoroughly. The service advisor for your vehicle will gladly go over any questions you may have.




keep your vehicle reliable, safe and economical to operate

We’ll perform services at routine intervals to keep your vehicle reliable, safe and economical to operate. We follow your vehicle manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule, and track optimal services to keep your vehicle in its best condition and avoid costly repairs.



We Service All Makes of Cars & Trucks.

  • Lube, Oil and Filer Service
  • Major Maintenance Services (24,000, 48,000 & 96,000 km’s)
  • Engine Tune-up
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Brakes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Winter and Summer Tire Change

We can fix any mechanical problem right here – no need to visit the dealership. The key to saving you time and money is routine maintenance. The Parkway Crew offers you the best in service maintenance.


We give you an estimate BEFORE we do any work and never charge you more than the most recent estimate.



Computerized records

If you have a leased vehicle or new vehicle that requires regular warranty-required maintenance, you can bring your vehicle to us for service, you don’t have to return to the dealership. The Parkway Crew performs warranty approved maintenance on new and leased vehicles and we know the maintenance schedule for any type of vehicle. We pre-book your next appointment, remind you of upcoming maintenance and keep computerized records so that you can request a report at any time when it comes time for you to return or sell your vehicle.


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