The Parkway Crew | Winter Weather and Safety Maintenance for your vehicle
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Winter Weather and Safety Maintenance for your vehicle

Winter Weather and Safety Maintenance for your vehicle

 5 Tips for Winter Vehicle Safety

Being prepared for snow as early as November and December will help you get through the cold.  Freezing temperatures may go right through to at least February, so it’s not too late to plan what you need to be doing to look after your vehicle and yourself over the winter.  Here are 5 tips from The Parkway Crew.




Check tire pressure and tread

A vehicle with over or under-inflated tires won’t handle well in icy conditions or dry.  Have a look inside the driver’s door frame for the amount of pressure your tires should be for optimum handling.  Don’t drive on a flat tire, it can damage your rim which is costly to replace. Tread is a key factor in how well your vehicle will handle on ice and snow.  Better tread with less worn rubber means better traction. Consider a new set of tires, you can chose all-season or all-weather tires. If its not in the budget for new tires then opt for good used tires from a trusted source. Costs vary, so ask questions and make sure you are happy with the quality.


Check anti freeze

Make sure your vehicle is topped up with proper fluids for the season.  Anti freeze additive will lower the freezing point of the water in your radiator and help prevent bursting due to expansion when water freezes.


Clear Ice and Snow off Front and Rear Windows

Add a little time in the morning before you head out, to scrape off the ice and snow.  It’s illegal to drive with impaired vision and very unsafe. Anti freeze washer fluid, and a basic ice scraper/brush are available at most convenience/gas stations or hardware/automotive supply stores. Good quality windshield wipers are also a must all year round, the roads get very dirty and salty in the winter and this can quickly muck up your windshield so make sure you have filled your washer fluid properly using a quality washer fluid that will work in low temperatures.


Check the Battery

Notice how your cell phone may not work as well in cold weather?  Cold temperatures have a similar effect on vehicle batteries and electronics. Cold weather accounts for a good number of vehicles with dead batteries. If you have any doubts at all about your battery then get it checked at your local automotive shop.  Invest in a good battery, you’ll be glad you did.


Keep Supplies on Hand

It’s important in the winter months to keep a supply of  emergency items with you in case the worst happens. Keep on hand a flash light, jumper cables, first aid kit, candles and a warm blanket.

Be prepared so you won’t be left out in the cold this winter.

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